Classic tour up to the Schauinsland peak. Great views and great trails!

  • Typ Mountainbike
  • Schwierigkeit S2 mittel
  • Dauer 6:05 h
  • Länge 35,3 km
  • Aufstieg 1246 m
  • Abstieg 1261 m
  • Niedrigster Punkt 292 m
  • Höchster Punkt 1272 m


From the restaurant Waldsee start the long uphill to the Schauinsland. The pedal starts easy with a nice gradient on forest roads. Go around the hill to Günterstal and continue towards the Schauinsland cable car. There is a nice short trail just before you arrive at the Schauinslandbahn. Your decision: Use the historic cable car or cycle up yourself...

The hard part of the uphill starts here. Most of the route is without motorized traffic in the forest. There are some steep ramps to climb before you have made it to the top station of the cable car. There is also a restaurant which offers good food and cold drinks with fantastic views from the terrace. A few more steep meters separate you still from the peak with its view-tower.

The onyl slight niggle we have with this tour is the following first part...if you follow the official route you have to loose 200m on a rough and steep gravel road. Not really a nice part. There are hiking trails also, unfortunately officially forbidden, if you decide to ride them anyways, please do so only outside peak times... Either way you´ll eventually make it to the start of the trails. Some roots to wake you up and a short trail with some berms before you arrive at the "badish moon rising" trail. This easy trails traverses the mountain ridge in a constant up and down. If you manage to keep the pace up it is fun to ride with many pumps and small jumps. The last part before you get to the "Kybfelsen" viewpoint is an uphill on an initially steep trail (rideable) to an even steeper bit (not-rideable). Enjoy the view and have a snack if you like, you´ll need the energy for the follwing descent.

The infamous section 0 starts shortly after the Kybfelsen, a challenging rock garden - many will be glad to take the chicken line around it. Another really short uphill before the official "Canadian" trail starts - this is Freiburgs signature trail. It starts a little bit rough with some larger rocks and steps and gradually becomes smother with fantastic berms and jumps. This really well built trail is a lot of fun!